Group Training

Build and improve your strength, stamina and Martial Arts techniques. Our Group classes are for every level - from beginner to advanced.


Kids Training

Kids from 6 to 14 years old will join a top class curriculum to progress them through their martial arts education.


Personal Training

We will support you to achieve your athletic or fitness goals through our 121 coaching sessions.

Life long passion

Training young martial artists and adults is a lifelong passion for our team. Let's be clear, we are not a gym. We are an institution of martial arts and fitness professionals with an obsessive goal to support all our members to unleash their inner Hero - physically and mentally.

What We Have
to Offer

We don't take shortcuts with our programmes which are crafted from years of experience. We expect our members to be 'Heroes' whereby we reinforce and uphold our core principles of Teamwork, Respect, Curiosity and Resilience.


During one year of homeschooling, our son trained daily with Vaughn. During that year, Vaughn didn’t only help him get into excellent physical condition and improved his kickboxing skills, he also helped increase Alexander’s confidence and instilled the importance of discipline. Vaughn is not only an excellent kickboxing coach but an exemplary role model for children and adolescents.


We made an excellent choice in sending our daughters for BJJ to the Heroes Academy. Vaughn & Deena are really friendly and offer excellent coaching. Even though our girls started a bit late, they are quickly getting in shape while enjoying their weekly sessions. It's been a great environment for our girls to build their strength and confidence likewise. Having young kids of their own, they have a good knack in motivating the kids to do their best and enjoy these sessions.  Wishing Heroes Academy all the very best in shaping many more lives!


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